New enabling chemical tools for drug discovery, chemical biology and molecular imaging


In any scientific domain based on the action or properties of organic molecules, there is a need for improved synthetic methods for the preparation of target molecules. This is especially true in drug discovery campaigns where rapid and efficient access to new potential drug candidates is crucial for the development of safe and efficacious drugs.

In our research groups, we have numerous ongoing projects aimed at the discovery of innovative chemical methods for the synthesis of small molecules and peptidomimetics. These generally involve a combination of state-of-the-art and fundamental chemical principles to solve biologically relevant synthetic challenges.

In this project, you will work in collaboration with an experienced researcher to develop new synthetic methods for the preparation of biologically active compounds. As part of our research group, you will be introduced to various aspects of practical laboratory work, database searching and gain hands-on experience with analytical techniques such as HPLC-MS and NMR spectroscopy. We are looking for enthusiastic and inquisitive students to join our research group and work with us towards the ultimate goal of preparing a scientific publication.


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Luke Odell, Anja Sandström, Ulrika Rosenström, Bobo Skillinghaug, Oscar Verdo, Lindon Moodie

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