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Lecture by Honorary Doctor Susan Danby

Public lecture by Professor Susan Danby, appointed honorary doctor of the Faculty of Educational Sciences 2019, with the title Children’s interaction and social order: Reflections on lessons learned, serendipity and turning points.

Abstract: Children’s interaction and social order: Reflections on lessons learned, serendipity and turning points

Seeking to know more about the complexity and competence of children’s interactions with each other and with adults began with my doctoral studies of children’s everyday social life in preschool settings 25 years ago. Ethnomethodology and conversation analysis allowed me to closely examine how children’s social orders and identities were assembled, moment-by-moment, and built and realigned through social interaction. This research revealed the competent ways that children organised their everyday worlds, providing alternative ways of theorising young children’s social competence in early childhood contexts. This research was a springboard for investigating children’s social interactions across a range of settings, including child-counsellor talk on children’s helplines, and in paediatric and speech pathology settings with clinicians. In recent years, my investigations set out to understand the integration of digital technologies into the everyday lives of children across the interconnected contexts of home, school, and public spaces. This presentation outlines some key findings of my research, with reflections that recognise my inspiring mentors and colleagues, and the influences of serendipitous opportunities that led to turning points in my career.

Susan Danby is a professor at the Queensland University of Technology in Australia. She is a leading researcher internationally in domains such as ‘Young Children and Digital Literacy’, ‘Early Childhood Studies’ and ‘Early Childhood Education’. In particular, Danby’s expertise covers early childhood language use and children’s interaction with digital media. With her research, she has made significant contributions to a better understanding of children as socially capable and to considering the child’s perspective and children’s participation in social and community processes. Danby is an important international collaborator, mentor and inspiration for researchers, doctoral students and teachers at the Faculty of Educational Sciences, Uppsala University.

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Elsa Bådagård, Kansliet för humaniora och samhällsvetenskap

12 mars 2019



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