Blend state-blend property relationships of adhesive mixtures


In order to fully utilize the potential of the pulmonary route for local and systemic drug delivery, there is a need to improve our understanding of the formulation of inhalation powders. The pharmaceutics research group at Uppsala University has introduced a blend state theory as a means to systematically investigate and optimize the properties of adhesive blends. The evolution in blend state depends on the combination of carrier and fines and their properties, such as of carrier microstructure, and the mixing process which subsequently affect the performance of the formulation. There is a need to better understand the relationship between blend state and critical properties of adhesive mixtures, such as aerosolization and segregation, as well as to develop validated screening methods by which aerosolization and segregation can be assessed. The aim of the project is to investigate effect of carrier morphology on blend state-blend dispersibility relationships. The aim is further to investigate the role of the mixing process for blend state and blend state-blend dispersibility relationships. Finally, the possibility to develop screening methods for assessing dispersibility and segregation will be explored. Expected outcome of the project is new strategies on how to formulate adhesive mixtures that are mechanically stable and of high drug load, providing both good manufacturability and dispersibility.


Farmaceutisk vetenskap


Galenisk farmaci med inriktning mot farmaceutisk teknologi


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Uppsala University



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Anna Simonsson and Göran Alderborn

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