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Fractionation and separation - MPLC and HPLC

MPLC - Medium Pressure Liquid Chromatography - is used for separation of large amounts of extract. The aim is not necessarily to get pure compounds in this step, but to e.g. obtain fractions for further separation or testing, or to enrich your target compound into a few fractions. As the name implies, MPLC operates at lower pressure than HPLC and uses columns containing larger particles. Separation is thus not as powerful as HPLC, but flow rates are high, separations are quick, and columns are cheap (disposable). The system is coupled to an automatic fraction collector, that changes tubes based on time (e.g. one tube per minute).
HPLC - High Performance Liquid Chromatography - is used both for analytical and preparative purposes. (See also - and read the text to - the video "Fractionation and separation - Preparative chromatography and columns of different sizes".) The HPLC in the current video is equipped with an autosampler, which enables unattended analyses. HPLC on reverse phase is often used for the final purification of natural products.
Demonstrator is Dr Hesham El Seedi. Video was recorded in May 2020.

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Ulf Göransson, Farmakognosi

10 maj 2020



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