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Martin Dines: Expanded Narratives of Gentrification: Infrastructure and (Im)mobility in the 1970s Fiction of Sylvia Townsend Warner and Maureen Duffy

Dr Martin Dines is senior lecturer in English Literature at Kingston University London where he teaches British and American twentieth-century and contemporary writing. His most recent book, The Literature of Suburban Change: Narrating Spatial Complexity in Metropolitan America (published with Edinburgh University Press, 2020) examines how writers, from 1960 to the present, have innovated across a range of literary and cultural forms in order to articulate the temporal dimensions and emergent, contested histories of the US suburbs ? places which are so often presumed to be timeless. Other recent publications focus on urban and domestic space in queer post-war British fiction. He is a member ? and for the last three years has been President ? of the Literary London Society.

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Mattias Vesterlund, Teknisk- och administrativ personal

13 oktober 2020



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Gentrification is one of the most controversial and visible urban phenomena of the post-1945 era. With the acceleration of urbanisation and globalisation, urban renewal has taken new forms and grown increasingly complex. The classical account of gentrification, coined by Ruth Glass in her studies of London (1964), was predicated on cities in the West, but today gentrification and displacement can equally be observed worldwide in metropolitan regions as well as in smaller cities, in new-build areas and countryside regions. This calls for new and interdisciplinary approaches to urban change. In this one-day symposium, we call for more systematic attention to artistic representations of urban change in literature and other media, and for investigation of how these relate to other accounts of the phenomenon, including sociological, economic and political ones. While organized by researchers in literary studies and geography, the symposium welcomes discussion of textual or narrative aspects of many sorts of text, including novels and films but also memoirs, journalism, architectural writing, ethnographies, and academic discourse. Here you can watch presentations of the participants of the workshop.

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