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The Hans Rausing Lecture 2009 – Self-Organization, Self-Assembly, and the Inherent Activity of Matter

The Hans Rausing Lecture 2009
Upphovsman: Evelyn Fox Keller, MIT, Boston
Kontaktperson: H. Otto Sibum
Beskrivning: For all Darwin’s indisputable achievements, he left a sizable problem for future generations to solve, namely the question of how the first “primordial form, into which life was first breathed” originally came into existence. The physicist and professor (emeritus) of history and philosophy of science at MIT, Evelyn Fox Keller, considers this problem from the perspectives of molecular self-assembly and explores conceptual possibilities, from current perspectives, of accounting for the increase of organized complexity that made the primordial cell possible.
Nyckelord: vetenskapshistoria, Darwin, kommunikationsenheten
Datum: 26 oktober 2009
Öppen / låst: Öppen
Undervisningsform: Föreläsning
Teknik: Klassrum

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