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womENcourage 2015, Teaching and Learning 3.0 Panel Discussion

Moderator: Dr. Anke Brock, Research Scientist in Human-Computer Interaction at Inria Bordeaux, France.

Panelists: Dr. Stéphanie Fleck, Associate professor at the University of Lorraine, France; Jane Richardson, Director, EMEA, Oracle Academy.

The classical image of education?a teacher writing on a blackboard in front of a class?has become outdated. Innovative technologies, such as augmented reality, tangible interaction, and tabletops, promise richer interactions and more engagement in education and learning. Technology has also led to the creation of online learning and massive open online courses (MOOCs), which allow people everywhere in the world to access any courses taught from anywhere. In this panel, experts working on different interactive educational systems will present their approach and discuss the possibilities and the risks associated to these new learning opportunities. This panel will also provide a space to discuss challenges and future avenues for such interactive educational systems.

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Kontaktperson för denna film
Ida-Maria Sintorn, Visuell information och interaktion

2 oktober 2015



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The ACM-W Europe womENcourage Celebration of Women in Computing is a scientific event, and also an event aimed at networking and exploring career opportunities for women in computer science and related disciplines. This conference brings together undergraduate, Masters, and PhD students, as well as researchers and professionals, to present and share their achievements and experience in computer science. The program includes technical presentations and also discussions related to career issues in academic and industrial research.

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