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CAPTURE Talk #1 Dr. Sarah Callaghan: Frontiers of data publishing

Dr Sarah Callaghan, Editor-in-Chief of Patterns, a journal devoted to sharing data science solutions across domain boundaries ( talked about Frontiers in data publishing on March 23 at 2.15 pm CET.

Data are an essential and foundational part of the research process ? without good data, we can?t make good decisions, and the conclusions derived from our results won?t stand up to scrutiny. Research data is getting increasingly complicated and large, so we need incentives and structures to share and publish data in order to ensure the reproducibility and verifiability of the scientific record. This talk will give an overview of data publishing from the point of view of the presenter, who started research life as a data creator, then became a data manager, and is now an academic editor.

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Isto Huvila, Institutionen för ABM

13 april 2021



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CAPTURE research project investigates what information about the creation and use of research data that is paradata) is needed and how to capture enough of that information to make the data reusable in the future. The wickedness of the problem lies in the practical impossibility to document and keep everything and the difficulty to determine how to capture just enough. The empirical focus of CAPTURE is archaeological and cultural heritage data, which stands out by its extreme heterogeneity and rapid accumulation due to the scale of ongoing development-led archaeological fieldwork. Within and beyond this specific context, CAPTURE develops an in-depth understanding of how paradata is being created and used today, elicits methods for capturing paradata, tests new methods in field trials, and synthesises the findings in a reference model to inform the capturing of paradata and enabling data-intensive research using heterogeneous research data stemming from diverse origins. This project has received funding from the European Research Council (ERC) under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme grant agreement No 818210.

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